Numerous MGM Resort Fee Increases


Another 5* resort bites the dust. Due to the success of other MGM resort fees (an additional $20 million in 2010), the Bellagio was the only property in MGM’s portfolio to not charge a resort fee.

No more, as the Bellagio will now charge an additional $20 per night. What does $20 get you? Not much. In-room internet, fitness center access, boarding pass printing capabilities and free local & toll free calls.

I was optimistic that the Bellagio would ‘stay classy’ and avoid charging a fee for next to nothing. The fee essentially covers what one would receive at complementary at a Motel 6 or Red Roof Inn.

Stay Classy Bellagio
Stay Classy Bellagio

Circus Circus Increase Fee by 15%

On paper the newest Circus increase doesn’t seem like much ($6.95, up from $6) but on a percentage basis the hotel will obtain an additional 15% per night from guests.

Excalibur Fee Increases by 20%

Following suit, the Excalibur has bumped their fee up to $11.95, from a previous $9.95.

‘Winter Sale’ room rates start at $28 per night. The $11.95 resort fee adds an additional 42% to the total per night bill! (from $28 to $39.95 before taxes)

Vdara Increase by $3 per night

Another MGM increase. This time from $15 to $18 per night.

Going forward:

It’s clear to see that MGM International is using resort fees as a revenue driver. And as long as guests foot the bill, MGM will continue to raise fees.

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