November Resort Fee Changes

‘All Quite on the Western Front’? Close enough.

Heading into November, no existing Las Vegas properties have added resort fees.

New Fee for New Rumor

Heads up to Dewey over at Resort Fees (Blogspot).

Rumor’s Hotel, which is a boutique style *** star resort across from the Hard Rock, is charging a $10 per night resort fee, which to the best of my knowledge includes free wi-fi internet across the property, including in room. I’m not sure that’s worth $10.

Tax on Resort Fees

As if the indignity of a fee wasn’t enough, almost all of the fees listed throughout our website DO NOT include tax. For example, Treasure Island’s $20 a night resort fee jumps up to $22.40 after a 12% tax.

Minimal Action Until the New Year

As outlined last month, overall fee increases & decreases should remain flat until the new year. Fall is traditionally a down month for Vegas, and the hotels are doing what they can to attract visitors. However, I would not be surprised to see a few fee hikes a week or so before the high volume New Years season.

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