[highlight]Current Fee: $25[/highlight]


Free Business Center Access (faxing, copying, boarding pass printing)

Free In-Room Internet Access

Free Newspaper (at Front Page newstand)

Free local + toll-free phone calls



The worlds second largest casino opened in 1993. Close to 7000 rooms are part of the large resort. The MGM Garden Arena is one of the premier event centres in all of Las Vegas. The pool complex features five separate pools and a lazy river. The Grand has used the term ‘Maximum Vegas’ in their marketing and it pretty much rings true. The resort offers most everything available within Las Vegas

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Oct 22, 2012 by sylvia

The fees, the tax, the fee on tax is nonsense

Resort fee

Jul 21, 2012 by Hussein rifat

i stayed at mgm several times.we love everything about the mgm grad.while there we do the slots rolet ,plus that we spent lots of times at the sport desk.we use all the restaurants see all the shows. Since the resort fee been introduced we havent been any of the hotels or the mgm. we pay good dolars for oour rooms.we think the resort fee s a rip off and another way of raising revenue .You actully charging us fee to come threre to spent our money? on top of everything else we 'r paying .... ps i dont have a laptop ido not use computers and if iwant to make call i use my mobile ... 21rst july 2012 hughie rifat...

Jul 22, 2011 by Hans Mueller

I called their customer service before I went on vacation, to find out if they offer FREE internet access, the answer was no. I decided to leave my laptop at home. When I arrived, I was charged a mandatory Resort Fee of $22.40 per night. I didn't use any of the "perks" and still had to pay the fee.

So why don't they tell their customers upfront, that the fee will be charged, OR add the fee to the room rate and tell us all the FREE "perks" we will get.

They could have told me. BRING YOUR LAPTOP, YOU WILL BE CHARGED for internet access anyway.

Your GRAND at deceiving your customers MGM, good for you.

May 15, 2011 by MK

This seems like a rip-off.

For the record, I haven't stayed at the Grand since the fee was put into place.

But for $18 I'll I'd get (that I would use) is free internet and a one time $15 bar credit, which likely would only buy 2 drinks.

Las Vegas Resort Fees , USA 2.3 5.0 4 4 The fees, the tax, the fee on tax is nonsense

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  1. AJ Hanes

    Was surprised at desk during check in. Found that Vegas prices have gone up. I remember that cheap rooms and meals were a draw to get people to come to Vegas. For me it’s not a matter of price but of principle. Have found other places to spend my money.

  2. I just saw the $15 beverage credit and we did not get it, nor we we told about it during our recent stay at the MGM. I will not stay at this hotel again for a few reasons, but this adds one to the list..

  3. admin


    I re-checked the Grands Resort fee and they’ve removed the drink credit. Which, I must say, really sucks. The drink credit was in place back in the $15 resort fee days. MGM has raised the fee and taken out one of the better benefits.

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