The strip is controlled mainly by two companies, MGM Mirage Group and Harrah’s Entertainment. A few independents are mixed in as well (Wynn, Venetian, Treasure Island).

The Mirage group has begun to charge fees at almost all of their properties. On the other hand Harrah’s charges NO fee at all of their hotels.

Click on each hotel’s name to exactly what the fee includes and user reviews

The following Las Vegas Strip hotels charge a resort fee.

Strip Hotel Resort Fees

Vegas Strip Hotels with Fees Resort Fee (Daily)
Aria $28
Bally’s $22
Bellagio $25
Caesars $28
Circus Circus $14.50
Cosmopolitan $25
Encore $25 (non-suites)
Excalibur $18
Flamingo $20
Four Seasons $20
Harrah’s $22
Hooters $13
LVH Hilton $18
Luxor $20
Mandalay Bay $25
Mandarin $24
MGM Grand $25
Mirage $25
Monte Carlo $22.40
Nobu Hotel $25
New York New York $18
Palazzo Resort (Venetian) $25 or $0 – click link for more info
Paris $22
Planet Hollywood $20
Polo Towers $10
Quad $20
Rivera $15
Signature at MGM $25
Stratospehre $18
THE Hotel (Mandalay) $25
Treasure Island $25 or $0 – click link for more info
Tropicana $20
The Venetian $25 or $0 – click link for more info
Vdara $25
Wynn $25 (non-suites)

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  1. John Sims

    This is sharp practice, dishonest and a deception.
    A complete lack of integrity
    A ridiculous ‘extra’
    Won’t be log before they’re charging for taps on the sink.

  2. Pat kiely

    I don’t understand watt this resort fee is all about,my trip cost me and some friends $6000 dollars to come from Ireland and then this resort fee is it the same when booking from a travel agents?

  3. angie

    Just got back from Vegas and we decided that we would show our disgust with these fees by not gambling or eating at any of the hotels that charge fees including of course where we were staying. There are plenty of places to eat and gamble in Vegas that are not affiliated with the strip or non strip hotels that charge these fees. If the hotels need extra money charge the people who use the “services” these fees represent. If the guest wants internet access, charge them, if they want access to a gym, charge them, if they want a boarding pass, charge them, if they want a newspaper in the morning..charge them. Why should we have to pay for other people;s needs.

  4. Jack

    The Palms has increased the fee. They are now listing a $15 resort fee on the website.

  5. I completely agree with Angie…ax the resort fee for all and charge the guests who want these services. I just returned from the MGM Grand and was very discusted to find out we had to pay an addition $60 plus tax for the three nights. We did not need or want the gym, internet services or the paper. We did get boarding passes, but would have been happy to pay or check in at the airport. I can’t go back and correct the spelling…so accept my apologies.

  6. karen

    i am glad i came across this site it made me look deeper into whats charged as intend on going next yr, the amount of hotels that require credit card room deposit’s of $100 per night, not cheep when ya staying for 7 nights, what started as excitement over a holiday is now turning into dread as to what we are going to be ripped off by when we finally arrive

  7. Kayla Stein

    I just got back from Vegas and staying at New York New York…I had two rooms for three nights and paid an extra $120.00 dollars for nothing. For $15.00 a day I want something in return….not going to Vegas to read the paper, go to the gym or go sit on the internet all day…. they are just greedy crooks. I agree with Angie…these should all be things you request if you want them and get charged accordingly….I have a cell phone so I do not need to use the phone in the room or use the internet in the business center. Add the fee in the base room rate….don’t make your rates seem cheap then pop us with these fees. I refuse to stay at one of these resorts again.

  8. Michele

    These resort fees came as a complete surprise to our group. I have never encountered these resort fees before in other holiday locations so it was rather a shock to be bit with them. We would have gladly paid for these additional services IF we had wanted the – which we DID NOT!!!!!! I will certainly be telling others to determine AHEAD OF TIME which hotels charge these fees and which do not and to avoid patronizing the hotels that charge them.
    Our hotel was lovely but this is definitely a deceptive.practice.

  9. steve

    Just another way for them to “extract” more money from their “customers”. An insignifigant charge onto your total trip cost, however, I will be patronizing the places (although few), that don’t charge (yet). The cheap Vegas trips are a thing of the past it seems. Comps and deals are way harder to come by these days.

  10. Al

    First trip to Vegas will be mid June. This site is a great heads up. Nice to know the gangsters are still in town.

  11. Nate

    Ballys still doesn’t charge a resort fee, I’m going there in March. They have pretty large rooms for the price. I stayed there a couple years ago and liked it.

  12. Daj

    I am thinking of changing my vacation destination because of these ridiculous resort fees.

  13. Randy

    Resort fees are done for two reasons. First, when comparing rates on travel sites, the pre-fee rate shows up, drawing you to that hotel. When you book the room, and just before entering your credit card info, they “mention” the fee, and it’s charged at check-in. That way it appears not to be part of the rate, when it of course is.

    Secondly, it isn’t taxed like a room rate. That’s why the add-on. It’s still taxed as a profit from sale, but not part of the tax that’s charged a room. Another way to squeeze $$ from a guest. The funniest part: some hotels charge it as a “convenience fee.” Yep, nothing more convenient than paying a $20 “fee” on a $50 room, very handy.

  14. JoAnne

    These comments were very helpful, am planning a trip to Vega in April 2012, after reading these reviews will stay away from hotels that charge the resort fee. Thanks for all the good tips!

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