What is a resort fee? It’s a charge added to your bill on a nightly basis for “services”. These charges are not listed until the ordering screen purchasing a vacation package, from a travel agent or on Expedia like sites.

In some rare cases the charge is actual worth the service (provided that you use it). Unfortunately in most instances it is purely an under-handed cash grab to up the overall cost per nights stay.

If you are strongly against the extra fees you should make an effort to stay at hotels (and chains) that do not charge the added fee. While the number of hotels that do not charge a fee is shrinking, they can be found in all classes (2* to 5*) and locations (strip, off-strip and downtown).

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Now onto the Complete Resort Fee List:

Note: The majority of these rates do not include an additional tax of 12%. Ie a $10 resort fee will total $12.00 after tax. Blue Prices Include Tax

How to read. The list is broken up into Las Vegas Strip and off-strip locations.

Green = Included in Fee

Red = Not Included

Coupons, etc = can include free/discounted drinks,meals,show tickets, etc. Can also include shuttles, etc.

Click on Hotels Name within the below table to view in-depth fee inclusions, hotel information, location and USER Reviews!

Last Updated: August 2015

Resort Fees have begun to stabilize, making $30-ish per night along the Las Vegas Strip the norm. There remain a few holdouts downtown, but Resort Fees continue to rule the day.


Previous Resort Fee Updates:


Hotels appear to be going up in concert, month by month. After the drastic changes of the past two months at Caesars and MGM properties, independents such as the Wynn/Encore (up $1), the Cosmopolitan (up $3), and Treasure Island (up $4) have all increased their fees. The average Resort Fee price on the Las Vegas Strip is now over $25 per night.

Too many to count. The majority of Caesars and Harrah’s hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have increased their fees to $28+ tax per night. This covers over 10 hotels in the area. It now entirely possible to book a $40 mid-week room online and then have to pay the additional $28+ tax (roughly $32 all-in) upon arrival per night.

A variety of tiny increases at a number of hotels headline this months Las Vegas Resort Fee Changes. The Caesars Palace group continues their trend of slight upticks. They’ve been quietly sneaking in 10% raises over a number of months this calendar year.

Resort Fee changes include:

  • Ballys increase to $22
  • Harrahs increase to $22
  • Orelans increase to $12
  • Paris increase to $22
  • South Point increase to $14

Below are historical monthly updates for this current year. In the world of Resort Fees, it’s important to keep track of which hotels have added a fee, the amount of the increase and the perceived value of new amenity additions.

The Silver Sevens Casino (formerly Terribles) have increased from $3 to $10. Downtown’s ‘The Plaza’ has begun charging a $12 resort fee per evening for standard inclusions such as WiFi, etc.

Increases to a number of properties, including the Rio and Stratosphere.

A rarity; Alliante Casino lowers their resort fee from $15 to $10!


$20 per night (a $2-$5) increase at Caesars properties: Bally’s, Flamingo, Quad (formerly Imperial Palace).

The El Cortez has added a $9 fee, which covers internet, local calls, fitness center access, etc.

The Polo Towers Suites (near the Bellagio) has begun to charge an $10 a night fee to guests. The ‘Downtown Grand’, which is the old Lucky Lady, has implemented a $10 per night fee.

Added in the Golden Nugget’s $5 per night fee. The Nugget does not refer to this as a ‘resort fee’, instead calling it a ‘Fremont Street Experience’ fee; to keep the lights on, running, etc. Yet no other hotel in the area charges this fee.

Also added the increased Circus Circus fee, now up to $14.50 per night.

The Excalibur quietly snuck in a $3 addition to their resort fee, which now jumps up to $18 per night. No major additions for the $3 increase…

Hooters current $12.95 fee will bump up to $15 on Jan 1st, 2014.

A new addition to the list; the newly converted Lady Luck Casino is now the ‘Downtown Grand’, and it features an $11 Resort Fee for internet, phone calls, coupon book, on property coffee, and fitness center access.

Stratosphere continues to ratchet up their resort fee, as it now hits $15 per night.

Downtown’s The D (formerly the Fitz) and Golden Gate are both now charging a $20 per night ‘resort fee’ for Internet, $10 off show tickets and local & toll-free calls per night. These resort fees represent over 50% of the average room cost (in the low $30’s).

Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) sees a 50% increase in Resort Fee, from $10 to the current $15. Added inclusions? Zip.

Boyd properties (Orleans, Gold Coast, Sams Town, Suncoast) are see a bump up in Resort Fee’s, to $10. This is the first increase for these properties in over a year. Also, Silver Seven (the former Terribles) has a $3 per night fee that includes a shuttle bus, and internet.


How to read. The following lists are broken up into Las Vegas Strip and off-strip locations.

Green = Included in Fee

Red = Not Included

 Click on the name of the hotel for additional details, full inclusions, locations, and reviews

Resort Fees: Las Vegas Strip Locations

HotelsLas Vegas Strip Fee $$ Internet Local Calls Toll-Free Calls Fitness Center Business Center Coffee Maker News Paper Coupons, etc
Aria $28
Bally’s $28
Belligio $28
Caesars Palace $28
Circus Circus $22.50
Cosmopolitan $29 +Free Long Distance
Encore $29 +Free Long Distance
Excalibur $28 +Free Long Distance
Flamingo $28
Four Seasons $25
Harrahs $28
Hooters $17
LVH – Las Vegas Hilton $18
Luxor $28 +Free Long Distance
Mandalay Bay $28
Mandarin $28
MGM Grand $28
Mirage $28
Monte Carlo $28
Hotel (LV Strip) Fee $$ Internet Local Calls Toll-Free Calls Fitness Center Business Center Coffee Maker News Paper Coupons, etc
Nobu Hotel $25
New York NY $28
Palazzo – can decline fee $0 – $29
Paris $28
Planet Hollywood $28
Quad – Formerly IP $20
Riviera $17
Signature @ MGM $28
Stratosphere $18
THE Hotel @ Mandalay $28
Treasure Island -click for fee work around $0 or $29
Tropicana $25
Venetian – can decline fee $0 or $29
Vdara $28
Wynn $29 +Free Long Distance

Las Vegas Strip Hotels: No Resort Fees

Elara (Formerly PH Towers)


Off-Strip Las Vegas Hotels: Resort Fees


Hotel Off-Strip Fee $$ Internet Local Calls Toll-Free Calls Fitness Center Business Center Coffee Maker News Paper Coupons, etc
Artisan $10
Downtown Grand $18 Free Coffee Lobby
Downtown Grand $18 Free Coffee Lobby
El Cortez $9
Gold Coast $14
Golden Gate $20
Gold Coast $12
Golden Nugget $20
Hard Rock $24.64 +Free Long Distance
Orleans $12
Palace Station $16 +Free Long Distance
Hotel Off-Strip Fee $$ Internet Local Calls Toll-Free Calls Fitness Center Business Center Coffee Maker News Paper Coupons, etc
Palms Vegas $25
Palace Station $16 +Free Long Distance
Plaza $12
Red Rock $25 + Spa
Rumor’s $12
Sam’s Town $14
Santa Fe Station $13
Silver Seven Casino (formerly Terribles) $12
Silverton $11
South Point $14
Suncoast $14
Sunset Station $15
The D $20
Texas Station $13
Trump Vegas $29
Tuscany Suites $10
Westin $20  + Spa

Off-Strip Las Vegas Hotels: No Fees

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur Binion’s California The D (formerly Fitzgeralds) Desert Rose
Embassy Suites Convention Center Four Queens Fremont Hotel LVH (Hilton) Main Street Station Marriott Grand
M Resort Platinum Hotel Staybridge Suites Terribles Vegas Club Whiskey Pete’s


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  1. Darren Lauber

    Thanks for the list…won’t be gambling at any of the resort fee hotels either!

  2. Rosemary Bedosky

    If the tourism industry is hurting in LV, the last think you need to do is add hidden charges. Flying to Vegas has gotten more expensive, limited not stop flights, baggage fees, leg room fees, etc. Vegas used to be a quick inexpensive trip. At the fees I’m seeing, there are plenty of other places I’d rather go.

  3. k.lakeman

    Just thought would mention that we have stayed at the Excalibur in Las vegas lots and I noticed that the resort fee is now $14.00 per night.We usually go for 7-10 nights that adds up….Last spring was in vegas on business and stayed at planet hollywood and no resort fee.Makes this hotel even though more money to stay but no resort fee and nicer hotel.Back to vegas next time at Planet hollywood.

  4. P. Leduc

    Not just casino resorts.. I just came back from a week at the timeshare condo, the Desert Paradise Resort, on Decatur south of Tropicanna. While an excellent resort overall, they too charged ($6.99 /day) to use their internet hotspot to use our own computer.. yet, they had a couple of internet stations in the main office building which we could use for free.. when they were not occupied. Needless to say, we declined this expensive offer – We took our iPad and iPhones to the parking lot of Starbucks on the corner and did it for free.

  5. Kevin

    Stayed at the Palms Hotel during Thanksgiving weekend. Didn’t know they had resort fees which is $15 a day. On top of that, their coupons were not worth it, because I went to other casinos, and the deals were much better & excellent service + food. Internet fee is $25 for 24 hours PER LAPTOP. using their SmartWater is $8 each, and canned sodas in the refreshment fridge was $6 each. Laundry was an average of $8 per clothing item plus an additional fee for dry-cleaning. I am NEVER ever going stay here ever again. I hope they go out of business. They’re expensive!!

  6. marty

    used to go to vegas yearly with all fees have not gone in 3 years ,bad time to charge fees with a faultering economy

  7. Tara

    Hidden fees are getting out of control. I stayed at the Palms, and when I asked the front desk to mail some letters for me (10 things, already stamped), they sent me to the business center, where I was told it would cost me five dollars per envelope. No way was I paying them 50 bucks! I caught the bus down the road about a mile to the post office and will never stay there again.

  8. Levand

    Good to know… A way to fight resort fees is to go to your bank after paying it and dispute the charge… even if the bank decides it is a valid charge (they won’t), it still costs the resort $20 that they have to pay to the bank!
    but make sure you let the resort know why you are disputing it.

  9. TJ

    This is geting out of hand. The Four Seasons wants to charge 250-400 a night and then an additional $20.00. Between the airlines and resorts picking our pockets it is almost not even worth it to travel any more. I urge everyone to go to non-fee resorts and hotels.

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