Trop Marketing Exclusion of Resort Fee as a Benefit

In an interesting twist, Tropicana Las Vegas is marketing the exclusion of their standard resort fee as one of the main drivers main of a new promotion.

Yep, it appears that guests that book Trop promotion #90, the ‘Trop Pass’, will be excluded from the daily resort fee. (as it is now ‘included’ in the overall room price).

In-fact, the included resort fee is #1 in the deals list of benefits. And it even includes an exclamation¬†mark! Here’s a cut & paste of the Trop’s marketing of the deal:

  • Resort Fee Included!
  • NO Blackout dates
  • NO Minimum Stay Required
  • VIP Check-In
  • Best-in-Class Deluxe Room with Strip View
Tropicana Marketing Included Resort Fee
Tropicana Marketing Included Resort Fee

Will other resorts (that currently charge a fee) begin including the cost of ¬†las vegas resort fees in their marketing efforts? We’ll keep our eyes open and let you know.

BTW: For those interested in booking the deal in question, it’s 10 nights (including weekends) in a ‘Deluxe’ view strip room for $599. Not a bad deal if you’re staying on business or a long trip that includes weekends. Offer expires August 27th, 2010

Link to the Deal: Tropicana 10 Night Deal

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  1. Hi my wife and my self we are thinking about going to las vegas for about two to three weeks i have heard about all the extras one can pay on top of your night rate you have no resort fees i see on the internet our trip will next year we think about october/ november we are flexable with our dates what is your best rate that time of year and what type of room do you get for that price can you send me a photo of that room , or is it best to walk off the street at the time for a good rate and at that time we can also see the room not been to la what time of the year do you have the best rates. thank you for your time regards brian.

  2. Ben Dover

    Wow! No resort fee if you book a 10 night stay! What a deal!


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