Always Double Check Resort Fees

Unfortunately, a large number of online booking services aren’t up to date when it comes to resort fees.

A prime example of this would be American Express. On Jan 30th (SuperBowl Sunday) I ran a simple hotel search on

The results were standard fare, maybe even a few $$ cheaper per night than some online travel sites.

But the resort fee info is completely out of whack. Here’s a screen capture of the listing for the Hard Rock Hotel (for a prospective weeknight stay of Feb 16th – 18th, 2011). Fee info is in bold towards the bottom portion of the image.


First off we can see the Resort Fee is only an estimate. That in itself is too little info.

And by using this sites own Complete Las Vegas Resort Fees List we can see that the real fee charged by the Hard Rock is $15 per night, not $6 – $10.

So beware. Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be on travel sites, or even with your travel agent. Check out our fee listings before hitting the order button on any Las Vegas hotel booking.

Yes, it’s disgusting and a real pain in the ass to have to do this. But unfortunately this is the world of resort fee booking.

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  1. bdiego

    Thanks for this site, all the information we need! Every hotel that charges resort fees gets downgraded reviews, even if that means 0 stars.

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