$2+ Billion Resort Fees Collected Last Year

Resort Fees generate serious revenue for hotel– to the tune of $2.35 billion.


Resort Fees generate serious revenue for hotel– to the tune of $2.35 billion USD in 2014.

NYU school of professional studies professor  Bjorn Hanson, Ph.D released his yearly Resort Fee study on August 26th, reporting a $250 million (12%) rise in Fees collected year over year.


Resort Fees Collected Each Year


Year       Amount (in billions)

2014    $2.35 billion

2013      2.1

2012      2.0

2011      1.85

2010      1.7

2009      1.55

2008      1.75

2007      1.75

2006      1.6

2005      1.4

2004      1.2

2003      1.0

2002      0.55


The rise in fee collections is no surprise– as consumer acceptance coupled with rising fees has become the norm.


Las Vegas itself is home to over ten hotels that charge $30+ per evening. Other hotels worldwide charge $30+, with some even charging $50+.


These fees–and the lack of commissions paid— add to the bottom line for hotels and revenue managers worldwide.


For more details on why these fees are bottom line generators for hotels via our Resort Fees FAQ


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