10 New Resort Fees Added to Website

Our monthly update finds ten additional hotels, spread across six states, joining our resort fee listings. Breakdown of hotels by state:

And a few statistics:

  • Average fee amount is $13.82
  • Highest is $21.80
  • Lowest is $10

One hotel, the Mountain Top Inn (Vermont) charges a set 15% of the rack rate as their fee.

At this point, 20 out of 50 American States have at least one hotel charging a resort fee.

Image Captures for seven of the ten new properties listed on our site (taken 01/15/13):


Chatham Bars Inn (VT)Chatham

Village Lodge (CA)VillageLodge

SkyLodge (UT)


South Coast Winery (CA)South Coast

Eldorado (AZ)


Mountain Top Inn (VT)

Mountain Top

Woodstock Inn (VT)
Woodstock SeaIsland


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