Vacation Report: Avoiding Resort Fees in Orlando

I recently went on a mini-vaction to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney and to run in the Walt Disney Marathon. Outside of being a tourist spot, Orlando is a hot spot for Resort Fees.

Pre-vacation I used our websites Orlando Resort Fees listings to make sure I could avoid the extra charges.

I ended up in two different hotels.

The first being a Hampton Inn at the Orlando Mall. Despite the name, the location is actually about half a mile from the Orlando Mall itself.

While the Hampton does not charge a fee, they include numerous amenities at this location that others would charge for. Free amenities include: Parking, in-room internet, in-room coffee maker, newspaper in lobby and a hot breakfast that included drinks, eggs, fresh fruits, cereals and even a waffle press. Obviously these ‘free’ amenities are built into the price but it’s nice to budget out the exact cost of a stay.

The second hotel I stayed at (due to the Marathon) was a Disney branded hotel within the Disney complex. They also did not charge a fee (offering free parking & shuttles), making it better option to stay on site vs staying slightly off property at a hotel such as a Best Western with a $11 per night resort fee.

Florida seems to be adding fees as quickly as Las Vegas. I’ll continue to use (and update) the Florida Listings on our website before booking hotels.

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