Some Hotels Really Hide Their Fees

Some hotels will go to great extents to hide their Resort Fee charges. If customer satisfaction is a key priority, why not be up front with any charges?

I stumbled across this fee for the Gaylord Opryland Nashville.

Their front page says nothing about a resort fee. Choosing a random date, the price showed up as

Nothing out of the ordinary, as that’s the booking price + high local hotel tax.

Further down on the page is the payment screen + the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box. Upon first glance no Resort Fee is mentoined.

But after scrolling all the way to the bottom (which is quite a ways), the fee info finally shows up. To keep this post to a reasonable length, here’s an image of the text to illistrate the point. It’s the final entry in the agreement terms

It’s one thing to charge a resort fee. It’s another to not mention it in the initial price breakdown (as seen in the first image) and then bury it way down in a box that has to be scrolled. ¬†Shame on the Gaylord Opryland Nashville and any other hotels that deliberately hide their fees.

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