September 2010 Resort Fee Changes

September – Dec and even January are considered slow months for Las Vegas. Perhaps hotels & casino’s are taking this into consideration, as there has been very little action on the resort fee front

September Changes

Stratosphere Drops Resort Fee to $7.50

The Stratosphere hotel appears to be testing out resort fee prices. At the beginning of the summer the fee was $7.50 per night. Once the weather heated up the Strat’ bumped up their fee to $11.99. And without much fanfare the fee has dropped back down to $7.50. We appreciate lowering the price but charging a fee for a 2.5 – 3* hotel is a bit of a stretch.

Other than that nothing has changed. In the meantime it might be safe to expect ‘all quiet on the western front’ when it comes to resort fees. The last thing hotels & casino’s need is a negative backlash in the down cycle of the fall & winter months.

For those still planning at 2010 trip

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Until next month…

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  1. Darrel

    Stayed at Luxor for 4 nights, paid $58 and did not use any of the services that were included in this fee. So a waste of money unless you are here on business.

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