Resort Fee Changes (July 2010)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the info on this site and all I can say is WOW!! Two of the better strip hotels have added hefty additional charges. Additionally the Stratosphere has raised their rate.

Let’s take a look at the Resort Fee Rundown. (for a complete list please use our “Direct Fee Links” menu located on the right hand sidebar)

Resorts That Have Added Fees

Wynn/Encore – $20 for non-suite rooms

I’m getting sick and tired of these “luxury, ***** star” resorts nickel and dimming guests with resort fees. I’m already paying over $100 a night, why add an additional charge. The ‘amenities’ aren’t bad and may be worth $20 to the right person. They include

* Daily access to the Fitness Center (does not include wet rooms or spa facilities)
* In-room high-speed internet access
* Unlimited in-room local and toll-free telephone calls.

I love the internet and fitness center access, although I wish they would throw in Spa usage. The **** 1/2 star Red Rock resort charges a $25 resort fee but they allow room guests to use the wet areas.

MGM Grand – $10

The MGM Grand was quickly becoming my go to spot on the strip. I tend to like the Mirage Group properties and this was the last one on the strip to not charge a resort fee. Aw, the good old days. Anyways here’s what the Grand offers:

* Daily high speed internet access
* Daily newspaper available at Front Page newsstand
* $15 per stay beverage credit (applicable at all bars)
* Complimentary printing of boarding passes at the business center or concierge
* Complimentary business center services (notary, faxes and copies, limited)
* Unlimited local and toll-free calls

This is a rip off IMO. Firstly I have to go down to the newstand to get my paper? That has cheap written all over it. The $15 beverage credit is a nice touch but if I’m staying for five nights it works out to a $3 comp per day. (and of course $15 will only purchase one fruity drink). The high speed internet is the only redeeming quality. But is it worth a mandatory $10 per night charge?

Fee Increases

Stratopshere – $11.99 , up from $7.99

The perks? 2 for 1 tickets to Bite and American Superstars, pool access, and tower access. This has to be one of the biggest rip off Fees in all of Vegas.

Fee Decreases

Monte Carlo – $6.00, down from $15

Thankfully I can end this update with a positive development. A hotel actually lowered their resort fee. This $6 fee is one of the best “values” in Vegas:

* Daily fitness center access
* Daily newspaper
* Two daily bottles of water
* Free local and toll free calls

That works out to $3 a day for two people. I’ll gladly pay that price for the option of the fitness center, along with a newspaper and a couple of bottles of water.

Upcoming: I recently completed a 13 day trip to Las Vegas. I’ll post my reviews on the following hotels:

With Resort Fee: Tropicana, MGM Grand (free at the time), Red Rock Resort

With No Resort Fees: Golden Nugget, South Point

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