Updating NYNY Vegas’ Official Resort Fee Pricing Error

For a short time, NYNY Vegas had the highest resort fee in all of Las Vegas.

While updating Mid-Februray’s Las Vegas Resort Fee List I came across the official NYNY Vegas website and it’s newly increased resort fee, which skyrocketed up to $28. $28!

This represented a $13 increase over the old $15 price level.

I took to Twitter & Facebook to ask NYNY to justify the large increase.


The error has been fixed. The fee jumped up “only” $3 to $18 a night. It’s pretty amazing that price increases are so common that MGM Resorts & NYNY staff don’t even notice their own pricing errors.

Here are the following changes to our Las Vegas Resort Fee Listings:

(which includes the following changes):

  • Aria is now up to $28
  • Hooters is now $10
  • Luxor is $20.16
  • MGM Grand is now $25,
  • Monte Carlo is $22.40,

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