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  1. The resort fee at the Excalibur is now $14 per night. Although I agree with others about user pay fees I booked this hotel because of the rate of $28 per night and 2 free buffets (breakfast or lunch) up to $20 value. So, my logic was that I was getting back a couple of the days resort fees in the free food. As for the hotel itself if there was no resort fee I would have considered a better class of room and they would have still made the same amount of money or more.

  2. With the economy as it is now, I can’t believe that they charge these outragous fees. Monte Carlo is $20 a night extra – for WHAT! I don’t plan on sitting in my room using the Internet or drinking their water. Shouldn’t people be encouraged to go to the casino and gamble…that way they still get their lousy $20 only we get something out of it!

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