Here are the following updates to our Las Vegas Resort Fee Listings. Included are three increases and a rare decrease


Encore / Wynn

Increase to $25 + Tax (from $20)

The Wynn is guilty of charging something for nothing. $5 represents a 25% increase. It’s clear to see from this increase and others that the hotels are attempting to squeeze additional revenue out of the fees while maintaining artificially low room rates.



Increase to $11 (from $7.84)

Additional Amenities: Wifi

The Riviera has added Wifi to it’s package of resort fee amenities, increasing the price $3+. In the twisted world of fees this seems like a good deal.



DECREASE to $5 ($10 suites) + tax (from $7.50)

Changes to Amenities: None

The Silverton has reversed course, decreasing their resort fee while not skimping on amenities. I’m still surprised that the Silverton charges a resort fee in the first place, although the property does have a decent small gym and a cozy pool area.



Increase to $15 + Tax (from $9.99)

Additional Amenities: None

Just a few short years ago the Tropicana was a resort fee free hotel. Since that time they’ve slowly rolled out fees, starting at $7.99, jumping up to $9.99 and now adding an additional 50% to the fee. This latest increase comes with no added return for guests. As before, the fee earns guests internet access, fitness center access and a few coupons at select bars inside the property.

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