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Whether booking directly from a hotel, a third party or even a flight/hotel package, unexpected hidden fees can really throw off a budget. Know in advance exactly how much your room will really cost

Las Vegas

Vegas Baby. Home of high rollers and apparently the high rolling resort fees. Our list breaks down hotels that do and do not charge fees, and their locations. Find the perfect spot at the perfect total price.

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Knowing the fee is only half the battle. What does it include? And is the fee a good deal or a rip-off. User reviews & inclusions set this site apart from the rest.

Other Cities

How many other cities have resort fees? The quick answer is many. Check out our ‘other locations’ page for fees in Hawaii, Florida, Reno, Atlantic City, Phoenix & More.

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How to navigate the website: Updates include Atlantic City & Reno (within Other Locations)

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