Caesars Previous ‘No Resort Fee’ Campaign a Cruel Joke

The Benedict Arnold of Resort Fees.

I feel so bad for the showgirls.

Caesars really went ‘all in’ with their no resort fees campaign. They created web videos, print ads, online ads, and even a Facebook fan page.

That was then, this is now: Casears now charging Resort Fees – Complete List of New Fees

Alas, the Facebook page has been shut down. All that remains are cached–archived–files.

What a turn of face. Check out some of the language used by Caesars, just a few short months ago.

Facebook Company Page Info

Other Vegas hotels charge resort fees of up to $20 per night! For three nights, thats $60 you could spend on entertainment, dining, shopping, the spa, room upgrades, or playing slots. Have fun with your money. Don’t pay resort fees!

YouTube Video

I imagine these videos will be down in no time.

I understand that Resort Fees are a business model. But to have such a drastic shift after being vementily opposed to the fees is just ridiculous and shows no accountability from upper management.

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