August 2010 Resort Fee Changes


  • Circus Circus – Increase to $6
  • Hotel32 @ Monte Carlo – New Fee, $18 per night
  • Monte Carlo – Fee bumped back up to $12.95 per night
  • Riviera – Increase to $7.84
  • Tropicana – Increase to $9.99

Justification for Changes (if any):

Circus Circus

No new amenities offered for increase. The fee increased just a shade over $1.

Hotel32 @ Monte Carlo & Monte Carlo

The Hotel32 Resort fee is $18 vs $12.95 at Monte Carlo.

The only difference between the two is Hotel32 includes free in-room internet. Otherwise both resort fees cover:

Fitness Center Access, 2 bottles of water & newspaper daily, print boarding passes, free fax/copy, free 1-800 + local calls


Guests can now save 50% off Riviera Comedy Club tickets. Also 50% drinks at Le Bistro club, free local/1-800 calls, tennis court access, fitness center access


The Trop’s $2 hike (and $9.99 total) now includes Internet. However, they have replaced the two free drinks (once per stay) with 2 for 1 cocktails at Club Trop & Bacio. Fitness center access is still included.

Fee Decreases

There were no resort fee decreases this month.

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  1. Taelyn

    I think it’s so important to let people know about the fees AHEAD of time, because it does add up when the fee is 15 or more a day. It really stinks when you are paying extra for “deals” that you never use. I also wish the hotels would be consistent with their description of what the fee is used for and what you actually get. I just stayed at the Monte Carlo and they no longer give out water bottles or deliver the paper. At check in we were told we were getting water and when we didn’t we asked another counter person who said they no longer give out water b/c they are going green. The paper is next to the elevator, when in reality it’s not! What the heck? I love Las Vegas, but some hotels are getting ridiculous in the hidden fees.

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