Airline Baggage Fees Explained

One will often hear about how Resort Fees are similar to Airline Baggage Fees. There are similarities between the two; and ultimately the goal is the same for each– to earn additional revenue for the end business, whether it be airline or hotel. Below is an overview of Baggage Fees, how they levied and which airlines forgo this fee:

Airline Baggage Fees Explained

Most airlines are claiming that they have lost much money in the past years and this is majorly due to the cost of fuel and the bad situation of the economy. They try not to hike the prices of tickets in order not to lose their customers patronage but instead, device other means of extracting more money from their customers apart from the airfare.

One way in which they have successfully done this is to charge customers for their luggage.

Normally, the weight of your checked baggage should not weigh over 50lbs or else, you will be faced with heavy fines. There are airlines that allow customers to carry along one checked bag free of charge whereas others charge about $15 to $20. For an additional checked baggage, you could be charged about $30 and above.


These charges are avoidable if all your belongings could be packed up into your carry-on luggage. You can have with you about two pieces of luggage right on the plane provided they can fit up above you in the over head bin or right under the seat in front of you.


However, some airlines, such as Spirit Air, are now charging for carry on baggage. These third party airlines operate under a low upfront, but ultimately high end price after factoring in baggage fees.


It is advisable that before you buy your flight ticket; try to know the luggage rule or policies about the airline so as not to be met with unpleasant surprises at the airport. Here are other tips you need to know: select an airline with very low or no fees at all on checked baggage. Airlines like Southwest allow checked bags to go in freely; JetBlue gives her customers the privilege of checking in with one checked baggage. Always ensure that you weigh your luggage carefully so as not to exceed the airline’s luggage limit. If you’re not fully aware of your carrier, it is advisable to read through the airline’s contract in order to know exactly how much each bag should weigh. The carry-on bags should also be weighed likewise as carry-on bags have a particular limit and ranges from 16.5lbs to about 40lbs with different airlines.


If you fly very often, it’s advisable to stick with one carrier as this could give you further privileges. You become a frequent flyer which gives you some “exclusive rights” to have access to free mileage or “immunity” from airline baggage fees.


Take Away Similar to using our website for trip research for hotel resort fees, make sure to visit an airlines website for more information on their baggage fees.

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